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Make Something Monday

21 May

So the other day I mentioned I had a secret. I couldn’t give it away yet because it was a surprise birthday party for my mother. I had to keep things quiet just in case she chose to read, but here’s some of the goodies my friend and I put together for the big day.

If you can tell, the party was asian themed. I made this banner following the same set up as this one.

This is my lovely mother! I sewed the kimono my mother is wearing. I was going to post the tutorial for it, but it was more of a fail. It fits her well, but other than that, it didn’t turn out so well. So I probably won’t be sharing the tutorial. All her gifts were asian in some way. My mother has loved all things asian (martial arts, paintings, the language, food, basically everything) for as long as I can remember. So we kept the gifts centered around her theme.

My brother and his wife got her the necklace she’s wearing, it’s a chinese dragon, my friend got her a lantern, my dad got her chopsticks and wrote her a beautiful certificate adopting her into the asian race. It’s very beautiful and funny.

Here she is with all her loot. Sorry the picture is so dark, it’s the only one we got of her holding everything.

We had all asian food to, egg rolls, yum!

Well, enjoy your lovely monday!