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Something Lovely

23 May

Today was a lovely day, other than the fact that I only got 2 hours of sleep, but I had to run up north right near Archivers. How convenient. The best news was that they are shutting their north store down and moving only 10 minutes away from me!!!! Yippee! Of course I was over joyed and now my bank account is no longer safe. 🙂

Anyway, I picked up a couple goodies and thought I’d share them, because well, I love them!

Look at these little people! So cute!

Both of these are great, but, I’m a huge fan of these Jillibean stickers. I have several other ones as well.

Absolutely CAN’T wait to try these masks!!! I mean look at that ampersand! Eeeekkk!!!!

I want to try spraying the ampersand onto the front of a smash book! Cross my fingers that it’s going to look amazing!

I promise I’ll share, whether it’s a fail or not. 🙂

Enjoy your wednesday!