Sunkissed… Or Should I Say Burnt

9 May

So by now I assume most of you have read about my adventure kayaking. Well, the after math resulted in being so very burnt, mostly on the tops of my hands, shoulders and shins.

They’re worse than they look, especially the shins.


The burn was so gross that my legs/ankles swelled. It was no fun. I could barely walk, today is the first day that I can officially movie around without tons of pain. Lesson learned, I think I need like a whole bottle of sunscreen and probably need to keep my self better covered.

I’ve always been this way, the only sad thing is I can never get tanned or should I say sunkissed. I get tired of always being the girl in the shirt. Yuck! Okay, sorry just a little bit of venting.

For those of you who get a nice tan every summer enjoy it and rock it for me. 🙂

On the flip side, I still loved going out on town lake and will definitely do it again but I’ll just make sure that I’m covered head to toe. So if your ever on town lake in Austin and you see an eskimo in 105 degree weather give me a shout! 🙂

Enjoy your Wednesday!




Thankful Thursday

3 May

Hey Guys!

So this post is much later than I wanted today but I had such a fun afternoon and just barely got home. I’ve got some pictures to share so I think I’ll just kick this off with, I’m thankful for Town Lake and Kayaking. Yep, you heard right, I went kayaking. It was such a blast. I LOVED it. I’ve got several pictures to share so I think I’ll just stick with one thing today so that this isn’t the worlds longest post.

Our lovely little skyline

My lovely sister-in-law getting some sun.

I’m so buff, ha ha ha actually no I’m exhausted.

I tried to get a shot of some beautiful blue fish, but I’m pretty sure I just got some grassy lake floor. They were huge and there were so many and don’t even get me started on the zillions of super cute turtles sunbathing on every tree branch near by.

Some how she managed to be completely sunburn free. Lucky lady!

Well, that’s most of what we took but it was just so much fun. Kayaking on the lake and lunch together. A much needed girls afternoon. If you’ve never been kayaking, you’ve got to try it!

So what are you thankful for?

I Can Feel The Tension…

2 May

I’ve never really watched Dancing With The Stars but one night I couldn’t sleep and I noticed Maria Menounous was in the competition and I’ve always kind of liked her, but since getting caught up in the season all I have to say is she is AMAZING!

I’ve loved every dance she’s done but Monday’s was so intense I could feel the tension. Also can I mention that I want her figure, she is gorgeous, in every way! Even if your not into the show you have to see this, you’ll find yourself holding your breath for the two of them. So you have to see this, I mean right now, so stop what your doing and click here!

Awesome right? No? Then your crazy, cuz I know you liked it!!!

Yep, I have a bit of an obsession right now.

I bought her book the other day and I’m loving it. It’s really just a guide for everything in life.

I’m totally going to use it to get myself organized. I’m finally ready to start spring cleaning, I know I’m a little late, but oh well…

Wish me luck!

It’s May

1 May

May is such a lovely time of year, I’ve just been basking in the wonderful weather and wandering through pages and pages of inspiration on pinterest. Just thought I’d share a bit of the lovliness!

Love these cards full of confetti!

Who would ever want to take a bat to this loveliness!

I still haven’t quite got on the Toms band wagon, but for these I would.

Beautiful, rosy and romantic…

I think I need a little bit of all of it. Great Inspirations!

Happy May First!

Fashion Friday

27 Apr

Hey Guys! I’m back and I found the cutest friendship bracelets on earth! I know, friendship bracelets, sounds like junior high, but seriously if you like chevron print and color blocking then these are for you.

I never got into friendship bracelets so I’m doing this for the first time and LOVING them!

So here’s some of the goodies… I’ll show you mine sometime next week!

Don’t you just LOVE it!

How awesome is this chunky friendship bracelet and I also LOVE tassels and that’s exactly what the end of it looks like! Double the awesome!

hearts, Hearts and more HEARTS!

Just to show you how cute they look when you stack them and mix metals, colors and textures.

All these photos are from pinterest. Except the big friendship bracelet I found here.

 I want to make like a bazillion of these now!

Happy Friday Ya’ll!

Little Randoms

25 Apr

Sorry I disappeared for a few days, I’ve been working with my husband the past few days, he just needed a few more hands to get things in the business rolling faster. Hopefully I helped.

Spent the past few days working and watching old friends re-runs. Totally forgot how funny the episode where Rachael buys the hairless cat was. Holy moly I was just cracking up! Had tears in my eyes.


Here’s a couple little projects I’ve been working on…

The leopard print project is almost done, so stay tuned and this one here has a bit more. 🙂 But it should be pretty rockin also! Anyway, I’ll be out of town tomorrow but I’ll be back Friday, so have an awesome Thankful Thursday and drop a comment telling me what your thankful for anyway.

I’ll share just a couple things I’m thankful for since I won’t be around tomorrow.

I’m thankful Michael’s is now carrying Smash products.
I’m thankful for little puppy kisses.
I’m thankful the A/C in our car is still under warranty. (It just broke and no a/c in Texas is practically a death sentence)
I’m thankful for all of you still reading even though I’ve been a little absent.

Enjoy your Thursday, I’ll be back Friday!!!!

Fashion Friday

20 Apr

I cannot even tell you how much I want this skirt!

Or how about this combination, I already have the shirt, now I just NEED the skirt. Loving this look.

Oh and if you have a zillion dollars, how about this one?

Also how lovely is this piece of gorgeousness!

Well, I’m pretty sure I just ruined my streak of not shopping for clothing, because now I want to go SHOPPING!

Insert a little bit of cuteness for the day. Anytime my husband is wearing a hat, Aladdin feels the need to take it from him. No lie, he thinks all of Jordan’s hats are his. 🙂


Happy Friday Ya’ll!