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Happy Valentines Day

14 Feb

Happy Valentines Day!

If you’ve never heard of the app Red Stamp, I just discovered it and it’s amazing! You can make all kinds of post cards and just use or send them electronically or you can pay and they will take care of printing and send your postcards to anyone you want. I’m pretty sure everybody I know is about to start getting postcards for all kinds of random reasons.

I hope you have a spectacular Valentines Day!


Happy Birthday Husband

30 Nov

Yes, it’s my man’s birthday and so yes I’m going to brag a little. Warning, it may get sappy. Just a fair warning!

This man, right here is the greatest thing that has ever happened to me!

Did I mention to you that we have no children so I don’t really have a reason not to work but he doesn’t mind, in fact he likes when I’m home. We have more time to cuddle. 🙂 Okay so thats probably stretching the truth a bit, but we do in fact get to spend all our time together because he works at home.

So I probably should be working, but instead I’m sewing, crafting, hanging out with him, visiting my family, spending time with friends, shopping and *working out. Thank you hunny for letting me relax!

* going up and down the stairs to take the dog out. 🙂

Just another thing I want to share about this wonderful dude: Before we got married, I worked the same job for 4 years, 3 pm to midnight-or one or two in the morning. Crazy shift and not long after I got there, we went mandatory Saturdays, so its safe to say that I pretty much lived there. The only thing I didn’t have there was a mattress to sleep on.

My sweet boyfriend, at the time, would drive up to see me I would say almost every single night that I worked there in the 4 years just to bring me lunch, it was probably a 30 min drive down, 30 min lunch and 30 min home. He would either stop by my parents house and pick up a home cooked meal or take me out to lunch. Then on most nights (he would probably kill me for writing this but oh well) he would take my shoes off while I finished up my lunch sitting on the bed of his truck and he would massage my feet. That is true love. The job I had, required me to stand on my feet all day on concrete. My feet hurt so very bad and they didn’t smell like roses so yes he is my hero. I love this man and I’m thankful everyday that I wake up and he’s sleeping right beside me. I could think of no better person to spend the rest of my life with. Someday he will make a phenomenal father, but right now he is my phenomenal husband!

Happy Birthday my love, I hope it’s wonderful for you! I look forward to a zillion more birthdays and anniversaries together!

(I did give you a fair warning about the sappiness, I hope I didn’t scare anyone away.) 🙂

Under The Weather

19 Oct

I’m not feeling so well today and it’s wet and rainy out, so I’m pretty sure thats a recipe for staying in bed all day. My wonderful husband surprised me and got me the perfect get better gift! I’m calling it my excuse to stay in bed kit!


I failed to take a photo of the food to, but he really out did himself! I love that man! Now I can just stay in my pj’s all day, curl up and watch my chick flick! Thats the recipe for a perfect day, the only thing I’m missing is my husband, sadly duty calls.

Well hopefully it’s not raining where you’re at and if it is, stay warm and dry!

Crazy Stupid Love

9 Sep

           Did you think I was talking about the movie or my relationship?

Guess what, both!

Crazy                                  Stupid                                      LOVE

Isn’t he handsome!

My wonderful husband surprised me and squeezed a date in during his busy work trip. He surprised me and took us to see Crazy Stupid Love. I’ve been hinting that I wanted to see it for a while, so I know he’s been listening. It was a great movie, it had a bunch of my favorites: Steve Carrell, Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling. The movie was so good and had a big surprise in it, totally caught me off guard. I recommend running out right now to see it!

Also did I forget to mention my husband is so wonderful, I’m totally and completely crazy stupid in love with him. : ) See how I snuck that in there.