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I Want To Be An Astronaut When I Grow Up

18 Nov

Well, this week has been fun! This is the last baby craft, so I hope its been as fun for you as it has for me!

On Thursday, I went to the grand opening of the Joanns here in Charlotte and I found this super cute fabric that inspired the title of this post. I pretty much fell in love with it, from the moment I saw it. It’s so cute! (insert girlish scream here) Anyway enough of that.

So I decided to make and decorate a diaper wipes case. I referred to this tutorial here just to make sure I was doing it right, it’s very easy and you’ll love the end results. So here’s my “I Want To Be An Astronaut When I Grow Up” diaper wipes case!

Now don’t you just want to carry that around even if you don’t have a baby!

Wink wink, no I won’t be doing that, I promise.

So you interested in making one?
Well if you are, here’s what you need:

Fabric (not much, just enough to cover a diaper wipes case)
Diaper Wipes Case
Some sort of Decorative Trim
Glue Gun and Glue Sticks
Couple Sheets of Felt (In her tutorial she used batting and that probably made things nice and fluffy. I had extra felt so I just used that and it worked fine. I did use two sheets on the top just make it a little more plush.)


Step One

Trace bottom and top of diaper wipes case and cut them out. I did two for the top.

Step Two

Glue all your felt down.

Step Three

Glue the fabric down on top of the felt.

Step Four

Once you’ve glued the top and bottom fabric down, go around and glue all the edges down. Like she says in her tutorial, it’s okay if the edges look raggedy and raw, the trim will cover that.

Step Five

Glue your trim down on top and bottom and voila! Your done and it’s amazing how awesome it looks just as soon as you add the trim. It makes a world of difference!

Well that concludes baby week and now you are all prepared to make your little loved ones lots of goodies!

So no excuses, craft away! 🙂


A Little Book Of Firsts

17 Nov

I think every mom out there wants to document her child’s big firsts: crawling, walking, food, haircut, bath, etc. Also, there are a lot of moms who don’t have time to throw together an enormous, full 12X12 glossy picture filled scrapbook, so I made a book of firsts that any mom would have time to do and it turned out really cute!

So literally this little notebook is probably the size of my hand.

I used every page and all it has is a spot for the date and an adorable little 3D sticker of “the firsts.” Some pages at the very bottom have an extra line for what the first was, example food has a spot to write what the first food was.

Interested in making one? Here’s what you need:

Little Notebook
Any Color Scrapbook Paper (and one more if you want a pinwheel)
Black Sharpie or Marker
Pack of Baby Stickers (one that has the firsts on them. I got mine at Michaels and it was the K and Company Brand)
Brads (if you want a pinwheel on the front)


Okay so I don’t really have steps for this, just some pictures so you can see how I did it. For the front I just glued a piece of cardstock to the notebook and then on the very first page I put my nephews name, date, weight, height, etc.

Oh the note book is a flip book and the reason I chose that is because I wanted the back of every page left blank so that his mother can put a picture of him there so it corresponds with the sticker on each page. That sounds confusing, I’ll show you.

So if you can see here, this sticker says first tooth and I left the back of the one before it blank so that she can put a picture of his big toothy grin when he finally gets a tooth. 🙂

Here’s a couple other random shots of the book:


Like I mentioned earlier, all the pages are the same, date, sticker and then two of them (food and word) have the line at the bottom to be more specific.

So there you have it, the easiest “My Firsts” book ever!

Oh and if you don’t know how to make a pinwheel and are interested in having one of those on the front of your book, because they’re so cute, vintagy and are very in right now, then your in luck, here are the steps:

Step One

Trace a perfect square onto a piece of paper, any size you want and cut it out.

(the bigger the square the easier it is to make.)

Step Two

Draw straight lines from each corner and bring them very close to the center but not all the way in. Also, mine, in this picture is very sloppy, make sure all the lines go the same distance and that some aren’t shorter or longer than others. Also, use a pencil so that you can’t see the lines, I used a fine sharpie just for an example.

Step Three

Cut on all four lines. I curled mine up a little just so you could see the slits.

Step Four

Poke a little hole in the tip of the right side of every triangle and one hole in the center. Place your brad in one hole and bring the other three to the brad. Then after all four corners are pushed onto brad, put brad through center hole and close it.

and here you have a finished pinwheel.

For a pinwheel this big I would of bought bigger brads to hide the second point thats sticking out or I would clip it off. Really you only want to see the last point, but if you forget like I did, it still looks nice.

Part of the reason I put this tutorial in here is because if you’ve never made one and didn’t know how, then you must learn. There are so many fun pinwheel tutorials out there. I’ve made fabric hair bow pinwheels, you can make garland or actual pinwheels on sticks, I’ve seen baby mobiles and all kinds of other goodies. Well now you know how to make one and you can put one on the front of your baby’s “firsts” book and anything else!

Go pinwheel crazy!

Because Every Baby Needs A Burp Cloth

16 Nov

So I said there wouldn’t be any sewing tutorials because my sewing machine is hundreds of miles away, but I found a picture of this burp cloth I made a while back and absolutely love, so I thought I would share it anyway!

I’m a very beginner seamstress, so never fear, this tutorial is so easy and if I can do it, anyone can. These are great for newbies because if you make a mistake its usually hidden somewhere in the raggedyness! Awesome coverup! So enough said, here it is:

As you can see, the edges are frayed and the more you wash and dry it, the better it will look. Mine has only been washed like twice, so as time goes on it will look better and better. Isn’t that nice? I mean how often do you have laundry that needs to be washed to look better!

So here’s the blog I found this tutorial on and really I can’t say it enough, it’s so easy! Have fun and make a zillion of them, because every baby needs a burp cloth, or twenty. 🙂

Also, bonus, its hard to tell by the picture but these burp cloths are nice and big and have that peanut shape for lots of coverage so that your clothes don’t get soaked in spit up! Yuck!

Oh, I know it’s mentioned in the tutorial that if you don’t pre-wash they will shrink, but I just want to remind, because I forgot to with my first one and it shocked me when I pulled it out and it was so much smaller. It wasn’t a bad size just a shock after seeing how big it was. So think about that before you get started.

Well have fun!

Something Boring Just Became Fun

15 Nov

So as your baby grows and grows and becomes a crawling, walking, hands on everything little mess maker, precautions must be taken. The “fun” baby proofing must begin. Certain items must be moved to new locations, furniture with sharp edges must be dealt with and yes the outlets need their covers. I don’t know about you, but outlet covers are boring, (Yawn…) that is until I stumbled across this blog and saw her outlet covers.

This pretty much has to be the fastest and cheapest baby craft you could ever make. I thought it might be perfect for all the mommas that have no time to sit and craft for hours so here’s the fun little outlet covers I made for my nephew. I chose these animals because his nursery is going to be safari themed. Fun huh!



Aren’t those fun little accents to add to your nursery!

Well, if you want to make them, here’s what you need:

E-6000 (glue)
Wooden Animals (or whatever you want)
Outlet Covers


First and Last Step

Take your E-6000 and squeeze some on the back of the outlet cover. Take your outlet cover and place firmly on the back of the wooden animal. Let epoxy sit over night.

P.s. I don’t have children and I’m in no way an expert on baby proofing, so I don’t know if having these wooden animals would make it easier to pull off the outlet covers. It still seemed pretty snug, but wanted to mention it just in case.

I hope they add a bit more cheer to your nursery!

Enjoy your little outlet critters!

Make Something Monday

14 Nov

Alright, Make Something Monday, kicks off our baby week! Yay! I’m excited if you can tell!

So I tried to keep things fairly simple so that anyone could make this. I kept thinking to myself, what’s the first thing a new parent wants after having a baby  (besides rest that is) and I decided, to show him or her off! After carrying your little babe for 9 months and wondering over and over what he/she will look like then going through labor and delivery, a little bit of showing off is well deserved. So I’ve decided to start off with a birth announcement.

Oh by the way, there is nothing wrong with the block, the baby’s face has been blurred out for privacy.

So you can’t see it, but the back side of the block has all the baby’s stats, name, birthday, weight, length etc. It really is a fun way way to announce your little one. The side I have blurred is a picture of my sweet little nephew and then the other two sides have quotes, but you can put whatever you want on those two sides.

So you interested in making one?

Well here’s what you need:

1 Wooden Block
Coordinating Paper
1 Picture
Black Marker
Mod Podge (whatever kind you prefer, matte or glossy)
Paint Brush


Ignore the fact that my Mod Podge says sparkle, I bought the wrong one and had to change it out. So make sure you don’t buy sparkle unless you want some glitter.

Step One:

Trace block onto paper and cut out 5 little squares of paper and 1 picture.

Step Two:

Get your Mod Podge ready, paint one side of the block and cover with one of your squares of paper.

Step Three:

Continue on all 6 sides. Remember one side is for the picture. Once you’ve glued all the papers and picture down, write down the baby’s info and then anything you want for the other two sides. Once you’ve finished that, take a nail filer and file down all the edges and round your corners. This gives the block a lovely vintage, finished look. Once you feel good about that, cover the block in Mod Podge again. This will seal all your work in place and make the block look very lovely.

Step Four:

Mail, display or give your block away (how did you like that rhyme?) It’s done and ready to be marveled at and shared with the world!

Also, just fyi, not to take away from baby week, but you can make these blocks for anything. I actually made five of these but used each block to spell out a letter in our last name. So they can be used for weddings, babies, last names or graduation. Really anything else you can think of.

These blocks really turn out pretty, the pictures don’t even do it justice.

Good Luck!

Don’t Forget

12 Nov

Don’t forget to stop by next week as Project: Do What You Love  will be having an entire week of crafts all devoted to Baby!

So if you have a little one, a couple little one’s, a nephew or niece, grand-baby or you’re growing a little sprout in your belly, then this week is just for you! We’re going to have so much fun!

I hope you all can stop by, get a little inspiration, make something lovely or just stop in to say hello!

See you Monday!

In Honor Of…

9 Nov

I know, the suspense must be killing you! So I’m just going to shout it from the roof top.


I wasn’t able to be there but I was constantly being updated via text and let me tell you, my sister-in-law is a super hero! She is an amazing woman and will most definitely be a phenomenal mother! My brother was the perfect husband and the kind of man any woman would be lucky to have standing by her side. Congratulations to the brand new mommy and daddy!

So in honor of my new nephew and all the precious little babies being born out there, I’m want to do a full week of baby projects starting this coming Monday. Make Something Monday will kick off a week of all things baby!



Now, I don’t have my sewing machine, so this could be interesting. Everything I make will have nothing to do with sewing, that could be bad or that could be good, we shall see.

Also be kind, I’m not that creative so many ideas will be inspired by others or pinterest. (My go to inspiration, when my creativity is failing me.)

Enjoy your Wednesday and don’t forget to come back and join me for a full week of everything baby! We’ll have fun I promise!