Sunkissed… Or Should I Say Burnt

9 May

So by now I assume most of you have read about my adventure kayaking. Well, the after math resulted in being so very burnt, mostly on the tops of my hands, shoulders and shins.

They’re worse than they look, especially the shins.


The burn was so gross that my legs/ankles swelled. It was no fun. I could barely walk, today is the first day that I can officially movie around without tons of pain. Lesson learned, I think I need like a whole bottle of sunscreen and probably need to keep my self better covered.

I’ve always been this way, the only sad thing is I can never get tanned or should I say sunkissed. I get tired of always being the girl in the shirt. Yuck! Okay, sorry just a little bit of venting.

For those of you who get a nice tan every summer enjoy it and rock it for me. 🙂

On the flip side, I still loved going out on town lake and will definitely do it again but I’ll just make sure that I’m covered head to toe. So if your ever on town lake in Austin and you see an eskimo in 105 degree weather give me a shout! 🙂

Enjoy your Wednesday!




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