Little Randoms

25 Apr

Sorry I disappeared for a few days, I’ve been working with my husband the past few days, he just needed a few more hands to get things in the business rolling faster. Hopefully I helped.

Spent the past few days working and watching old friends re-runs. Totally forgot how funny the episode where Rachael buys the hairless cat was. Holy moly I was just cracking up! Had tears in my eyes.


Here’s a couple little projects I’ve been working on…

The leopard print project is almost done, so stay tuned and this one here has a bit more. 🙂 But it should be pretty rockin also! Anyway, I’ll be out of town tomorrow but I’ll be back Friday, so have an awesome Thankful Thursday and drop a comment telling me what your thankful for anyway.

I’ll share just a couple things I’m thankful for since I won’t be around tomorrow.

I’m thankful Michael’s is now carrying Smash products.
I’m thankful for little puppy kisses.
I’m thankful the A/C in our car is still under warranty. (It just broke and no a/c in Texas is practically a death sentence)
I’m thankful for all of you still reading even though I’ve been a little absent.

Enjoy your Thursday, I’ll be back Friday!!!!


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