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Fashion Friday

27 Apr

Hey Guys! I’m back and I found the cutest friendship bracelets on earth! I know, friendship bracelets, sounds like junior high, but seriously if you like chevron print and color blocking then these are for you.

I never got into friendship bracelets so I’m doing this for the first time and LOVING them!

So here’s some of the goodies… I’ll show you mine sometime next week!

Don’t you just LOVE it!

How awesome is this chunky friendship bracelet and I also LOVE tassels and that’s exactly what the end of it looks like! Double the awesome!

hearts, Hearts and more HEARTS!

Just to show you how cute they look when you stack them and mix metals, colors and textures.

All these photos are from pinterest. Except the big friendship bracelet I found here.

 I want to make like a bazillion of these now!

Happy Friday Ya’ll!


Little Randoms

25 Apr

Sorry I disappeared for a few days, I’ve been working with my husband the past few days, he just needed a few more hands to get things in the business rolling faster. Hopefully I helped.

Spent the past few days working and watching old friends re-runs. Totally forgot how funny the episode where Rachael buys the hairless cat was. Holy moly I was just cracking up! Had tears in my eyes.


Here’s a couple little projects I’ve been working on…

The leopard print project is almost done, so stay tuned and this one here has a bit more. 🙂 But it should be pretty rockin also! Anyway, I’ll be out of town tomorrow but I’ll be back Friday, so have an awesome Thankful Thursday and drop a comment telling me what your thankful for anyway.

I’ll share just a couple things I’m thankful for since I won’t be around tomorrow.

I’m thankful Michael’s is now carrying Smash products.
I’m thankful for little puppy kisses.
I’m thankful the A/C in our car is still under warranty. (It just broke and no a/c in Texas is practically a death sentence)
I’m thankful for all of you still reading even though I’ve been a little absent.

Enjoy your Thursday, I’ll be back Friday!!!!

Fashion Friday

20 Apr

I cannot even tell you how much I want this skirt!

Or how about this combination, I already have the shirt, now I just NEED the skirt. Loving this look.

Oh and if you have a zillion dollars, how about this one?

Also how lovely is this piece of gorgeousness!

Well, I’m pretty sure I just ruined my streak of not shopping for clothing, because now I want to go SHOPPING!

Insert a little bit of cuteness for the day. Anytime my husband is wearing a hat, Aladdin feels the need to take it from him. No lie, he thinks all of Jordan’s hats are his. 🙂


Happy Friday Ya’ll!

Thankful Thursday

19 Apr

I know, it’s technically almost not even thursday anymore, but I had a crazy day today and I still wanted to post so please forgive me. 🙂

So, what am I thankful for today, well I’m definitely thankful for projects that keep me busy!

I’m also thankful for project inspirations all around us. I saw these earrings and usually I like big earrings but for some reason these were just a little bit too big, so I snapped a picture and I will recreate these but a smaller version.

My husband and I are also thankful for and loving our new juicer!

and of course WE love this cuddle bug! Just curled up on my lap under the covers. His very favorite spot.


Well, I know it’s late, but I’m still curious… What are you Thankful for?

sale, Sale, A SALE

17 Apr

Okay, I’m pretty sure I sound a little too spazzy but Joann’s is having a pretty big sale this week and my friend and I zipped down there and bought a stupid amount of patterns. The McCall’s patterns are on sale for 99 cents. Yippee! Neither of us has ever made from a pattern so this should be fun but if they turn out anything like the skirt, we will be happy!

Also, their red tag items are an additional 50% off so I got myself some gorgeous lace that I have no plans for yet…

and I found this awesome print for a bathing suit cover which I just so happen to have a pattern for. 🙂

What I’m getting at is, go get yourself some goodies for cheap!

Have fun fighting the crowds!

Make Something Monday

16 Apr

I did it! I made my first article of clothing! Yes, I’m jumping for joy or at least I did for quite sometime and I felt the urge to just prance around in it for a disturbing number of hours. 🙂

I followed this tutorial but being a new seamstress I messed up quite a bit, probably because I need a picture for every single little step but you know what, it turned out and that’s all that mattered.

Also, mine doesn’t lay quite as lovely as hers but I still LOVE it!

Here’s just a quick pic of it laying flat, but I promise I’ll get a shot of me wearing it soon.

Here’s the front.

and the back.


Sorry about the shadows and overall bad pictures. It is late and I’m tired so I don’t really want to lug out the camera and stuff. So here it is, first invisible zipper, first time to do a blind hem, first time to do pleating, actually my first time for everything on this skirt. 🙂

Anyway, have a Happy Monday!


Thankful Thursday

12 Apr

I’m thankful for the time spent coloring Easter eggs with the family. Now don’t be too impressed by our art work because it’s crazy good.

Or not. 🙂

I’m thankful for my brother giving 2 years of his life to the Lord to serve a mission for our church! I couldn’t be more proud of him! I love you little brother.

I’m thankful that there’s finally water in the Greenbelt! It’s gorgeous and I got to spend the whole afternoon there with my brother before he left. I will always cherish those memories.

So…. What are you thankful for?