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Make Something Monday

19 Mar

So for my nephews blessing I made him a blanket and stitched his name and date of blessing in the binding and it did not turn out so good but I’ve never done anything like that so I guess I can’t be too mad.

All I did was take two yards of fabric, wrong sides together and I very sloppily made my own satin binding. I won’t be doing that ever again or at least not for a long time. 🙂 It was so hard for me, but anyway, I followed this tutorial for the binding, but it didn’t turn out as pretty as the last one, because I measured everything wrong so I had to put the binding farther on the blanket. Anyway I think instead of making this a tutorial because it’s pretty messy, I’ll just share some pictures.

Here’s a couple shots of how it turned out.

I told you it was messy. 🙂


Please excuse my lack of make-up and my overall rumpledness (like my new word) from sitting hunched over a sewing machine for hours.

Well there’s my nephews new blanket for his blessing. Whew… That was not an easy task, because of that satin binding. It really will be a very long time before I attempt something like that again. If you decide to tackle it, or have done it before, let me know how it went for you or what tricks you used to make the experience a lot better. 🙂

Enjoy your week!


A Little Bit Of Birthday In Pictures

13 Mar

A little birthday lunch with my brother and mom!

My brother and I. Isn’t he handsome!

 My sweet sister-in-law who made me the silly birthday hat and that gorgeous cake!

By the way its a vegan cake and you would never know, its delicious!

Well getting ready to celebrate with the husband! Gotta go!

Happy Birthday To Me

12 Mar

I just wanted to pop in and show you some of the decor from my nieces birthday, just to give you a little something for Make Something Monday.

Today, I’m doing a little bit of celebrating with my husbands family and tomorrow my husband and I are going out, so between today and tomorrow I might just drop a line or two.

Anyway, here some of the goodies…

So this bright little number that I showed you earlier,

turned into this…

I cut all of this with my cricut and then just punched holes and strung ribbon through it. Just a tip if you own the cricut and haven’t really tried different paper. Construction paper does horrible in it. It’s constantly shredding. Stick with cardstock, like those two butterflies.

My lovely sister in law made this cute wall/door hanging.

Didn’t it turn out adorable!

and then we got together and made a couple of these…

Sorry about the messy counter, it was a party after all, with lots of kids. 🙂 and lots and lots of butterflies.

Anyway, the party was a success and the birthday girl, got lots of goodies!

Well, I gotta run, birthday lunch with my Mom!

Thankful Thursday

8 Mar

Let’s jump right in!

I’m thankful for this book I just finished! I’m loving this series. It sounds kind of silly (it’s about faeries) but it really is a good story.

This is the second book in the series, so if your interested, the first book is called Wings.

I’m also thankful for girlie birthday crafts that I’m working on…


my cricut, which I’ve been using to cut all this fun stuff out with.

This machine really is a life saver if you love scrapbooking or are doing crafts all the time.

I’m also thanful for this beautiful weather and view I have from my balcony.

and lastly I’m thankful for clear stamps. I’ve never really been on board the stamp train, but every since I saw Dear Lizzy’s line and stamps I knew I wanted them and now I know how AMAZING the clear stamps are. I can’t seem to get enough of them and bonus, Michaels has a ton of them in their dollar bin. Yippee!


Soooooooo…. What are you Thankful for?

Let The Parties Begin

6 Mar

Well, the festivities begin this weekend! I spent most of yesterday with my sister in law preparing decorations for my nieces 2nd birthday party this Saturday!

Here’s a sneak peek of the theme…

Purple and Pink butterfly themed. We got lots of other cute stuff that I’ll share next week.

Then Sunday were leaving town to go see my nephew be blessed!

Then Monday is MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!

Then later in the month is my father in laws birthday.

What did I tell you. I LOVE MARCH!

Enjoy your evening!

Make Something Monday

5 Mar

I want to talk about Project Life. Well, this year I heard all about it and got bit by the Project Life bug. I didn’t realize that you can actually buy a kit for the whole year with all the journal cards and pages and then you just assemble it. That probably would have been a whole lot easier than what I’ve been doing, but if you don’t like structure and every layout the same, then you can do it my way and I’m having a whole lot of fun, but it’s also crazy chaotic on my kitchen table which is weirdly, where I set up shop. 🙂

I thought I’d give you a little sneak peek of how it’s going over here with it. I wish I had more pages to share but all my pages seem to be missing just a few pictures that are being ordered from the app, postal pix. It kind of rocks, they print instagram photos and they make these awesome aluminum mounted photos. I ordered a couple and I’m in love!!!!

Anyhow, here are the two photos that I thought I’d share so far…

I know, those are some seriously awkward photos but thats what makes them so awesome! 🙂

So as you can see because I’m not following the structured Project Life, my pages have different size layouts and I have many more layouts that are completely different that I will share as soon as the rest of my photos arrive.

Anyway, I’m having a blast with this project and its really helped me to be better about taking pictures and even just journaling a line or two a day. I know when this year ends I’m going to be so happy I did this. I totally recommend this project and you can start anytime. Also if you have trouble remembering to take pictures you could totally mix more writing in with less pictures. I was thinking that would still look pretty cool with some memorabilia. (movie tickets, restaurant napkins/match books, hotel room cards)

More Project Life later and thats a promise.


3 Mar

Okay, I’m biased. It’s my birthday month and even though I dread getting older I still love birthdays!

I have a little gold metal tree in my house that I change the ornaments on every month. Now I know, March should have clovers and pots of gold but it’s my birthday month so I settled for purple (because it’s my favorite color) and green because well you have to have some green during March but, also it’s my next favorite color!

Yep, I did my wedding in purple and green and you know what it looked awesome even though I worried it might be a strange combination.

No, my wedding wasn’t in March, but now that I’m babbling about it, I will give you one picture and then more on that later.

Anyway… Happy Birthday to everyone who has a March birthday!!!!