Make Something Monday

30 Jan

Okay so I thought I’d share the success of my quilt in steps. I’m not that far sadly, but I’m moving along. I’m still following this tutorial, but I did things a little different just because, silly me I didn’t have a glue stick or the motivation to go buy one. So I improvised. Anyway here’s what I’ve done so far and if any of you are attempting to make a quilt now with her tutorial feel free to join me and follow along. I’ll try to post this quilts progress in parts so everyone can keep up.

Part One: Preparing Our Squares

Supplies: for part one

So I over bought a little to make sure that I didn’t have to go back.

5 coordinating fabrics 1 yard each
Matching Thread
Rotary Cutter
Cutting Mat

Step One

Wash and Dry your fabric just in case so you don’t have to deal with shrinking, later on. Iron, so your strips don’t look ugly. 🙂

Step Two

Cut all your strips. I cut mine 3″ wide. Here’s all five fabrics.

Step Three

Now I’m not a seamstress, so please forgive me for not using technical language or doing almost anything the technically correct way. 🙂 So, I laid my first two strips down, right sides together and lined the edge of the fabric up with the edge of the foot. Sew all the way down.

Then open those up and ta da you have your first two strip connected!

Now take your third strip and lay the fabric right side down, in the order you want them and sew down the side again.

Repeat for the last two strips.

Step Four

Now all five of your strips should be attached and looking great. Continue to do this with all of the strips you cut. Once you’ve finished this, cut yourself a 8″ square out of paper.

So this is where I did things differently then the tutorial I’m following. I laid the square on my fabric and used my rotary cutter to cut out a perfect square. Then I pushed the paper aside and laid my fabric square on top of the fabric lining up all the seams and cut the rest of my squares this way. It turned out really easy and all the squares are exactly the same because I line up the seams.

So here’s what your finished squares should look like. With all the fabric you bought you will have extra squares, I just did that because I was nervous about messing up and wanted the extra fabric around in case of an emergency, but if your following me and the tutorial, you only need 20 squares.

Reminder: It is a small quilt. Just perfect for a baby and a beginner seamstress/quilter.

This is all I have for part one of how to sew a quilt. If your looking to join in the fun then get those squares made and we’ll move onto step two next week.

Good luck!


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