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Got Myself Some Goodies

31 Jan

I know this post is way late, but…

I went down to Archivers and Dear Lizzy’s new line was in the store! Well at least some of it was and I couldn’t help myself. All I have to say is I shouldn’t be allowed in that store alone, well I mean without my husband. ๐Ÿ™‚ So I thought I’d share some of these rockin goodies with you guys.

Ruffled paper, heck yes! It’s also in yellow.

Paper with the cutest polaroid/instagrams! LoVe It!

So if you thought the polaroid paper was cute look at these mason jars! eeeeekkk!

Isn’t this so cool! It’s garland. The stickers are all sewed together!

and lots of other goodies! Cute letters, ribbons and stickers. She also has so much other cute stuff, but I’m going to go broke if I attempt to pick up anymore. ๐Ÿ™‚

Here’s the rest of her rockin line.

I wish Archivers carried that awesome stamp! It looks just like the smash one but has some other cute phrases and it’s pink, who couldn’t love that!

Can’t wait to use it all!


Make Something Monday

30 Jan

Okay so I thought I’d share the success of my quilt in steps. I’m not that far sadly, but I’m moving along. I’m still following this tutorial, but I did things a little different just because, silly me I didn’t have a glue stick or the motivation to go buy one. So I improvised. Anyway here’s what I’ve done so far and if any of you are attempting to make a quilt now with her tutorial feel free to join me and follow along. I’ll try to post this quilts progress in parts so everyone can keep up.

Part One: Preparing Our Squares

Supplies: for part one

So I over bought a little to make sure that I didn’t have to go back.

5 coordinating fabrics 1 yard each
Matching Thread
Rotary Cutter
Cutting Mat

Step One

Wash and Dry your fabric just in case so you don’t have to deal with shrinking, later on. Iron, so your strips don’t look ugly. ๐Ÿ™‚

Step Two

Cut all your strips. I cut mine 3″ wide. Here’s all five fabrics.

Step Three

Now I’m not a seamstress, so please forgive me for not using technical language or doing almost anything the technically correct way. ๐Ÿ™‚ So, I laid my first two strips down, right sides together and lined the edge of the fabric up with the edge of the foot. Sew all the way down.

Then open those up and ta da you have your first two strip connected!

Now take your third strip and lay the fabric right side down, in the order you want them and sew down the side again.

Repeat for the last two strips.

Step Four

Now all five of your strips should be attached and looking great. Continue to do this with all of the strips you cut. Once you’ve finished this, cut yourself a 8″ square out of paper.

So this is where I did things differently then the tutorial I’m following. I laid the square on my fabric and used my rotary cutter to cut out a perfect square. Then I pushed the paper aside and laid my fabric square on top of the fabric lining up all the seams and cut the rest of my squares this way. It turned out really easy and all the squares are exactly the same because I line up the seams.

So here’s what your finished squares should look like. With all the fabric you bought you will have extra squares, I just did that because I was nervous about messing up and wanted the extra fabric around in case of an emergency, but if your following me and the tutorial, you only need 20 squares.

Reminder: It is a small quilt. Just perfect for a baby and a beginner seamstress/quilter.

This is all I have for part one of how to sew a quilt. If your looking to join in the fun then get those squares made and we’ll move onto step two next week.

Good luck!

Fashion Friday

27 Jan

I’ve just been surfing the web and found some fun little goodies that I’m totally digging! What can I say I LOVE accessories!

Isn’t this ahhhhmazing! I stumbled across it here.

yes please! I guess I’m on kind of an etsy kick lately. ๐Ÿ™‚

Well this really makes me wish we had an H&M in Austin!

Isn’t the print on the scarf gorgeous! To bad Anthropologie is just so horribly expensive.

Now I have this crazy need to go shopping, hmmm I wonder why.

Happy Friday Ya’ll!

Thankful Thursday

26 Jan

Hey Guys, It’s me Aladdin!

I just figured since mom was busy that I would tell you what I’m thankful for…

My squeaky camo bone, because right now it’s so fun. It’s noisy and soft and when I chew it, I can feel the squeaker in there. That always makes me chew harder because I’m going to rip it out!

Mommy and Daddy’s cereal! I love when they eat this because I always get a couple. Also, sometimes I just sit really straight and stare at the box for a long time and when Mom comes in she just looks at me and makes all these really squeaky noises and then gives me some cereal. I don’t know why that works but it just does.

but what I’m most thankful for is when mommy sits down to work on her computer and then I hurry up on the couch and push her computer out of the way and sit on her lap. It’s snuggle time! I love to fall asleep on her legs.

Ooooh she’s coming, we’re going to snuggle, I better go!

Oh what are you thankful for? peanut butter? Me too!

Weathering Out A Storm

25 Jan

What do you like to do during a storm?

Here’s what we’re doing…


ย ย 

ย ย 


1. He just working and using his noise canceling headphones. He probably doesn’t even know there’s a storm. ๐Ÿ˜‰
2. Got my candle lit just in case there’s a power outage and bonus these woodwick candles are heaven. Sounds like an itty bitty fireplace and smells divine!
3. Got my lifetime supply of cough drops… January has been bad to me.
4. Wrapped in my softest red blanket, acting like a weirdo.
5. Yep, my dog is a real man, that is his bone. ha ha (don’t worry he has little toys to, but he really likes this big bone.)
6. Got my new book, can’t tell you if it’s any good yet, I’m only 3 chapters in. Enjoying it so far.



My A to Z

24 Jan

I’ve seen a few blogs sporting the A to Z list and thought I would give it a try. Here it goes:

Age: 26
Best Date: This was a tough one, but I guess I would have to say when my husband took me to dinner and had a carriage waiting for us outside of the restaurant that took us all around down town. He wrote me a poem and gave me a promise ring that he had engraved with the last line of the poem. It was so romantic!
Chore That I Hate:ย It used to be dishwashing, but now it’s laundry hands down.
I can’t stand hanging and folding laundry.
Dogs: Love them, especially my Aladdin! I hope to have at least one more pup once we move into a house and have a cross my fingers big backyard. I want a big dog next. Maybe a Mountain Bernese, Siberian Husky or a Golden Retriever.
Essential To Starting My Day: A nice warm long shower, usually by candlelight. Well really I like to do this morning and night. Showers/baths are so refreshing/relaxing.ย 
Favorite Color:
Gold or Silver:
Well this is a little tricky, for expensive jewelry like my wedding ring and items I wear to fancy schmancy stuff, then silver all the way, but for fun everyday wear I’m loving gold right now.ย 
5′ 4″
Instruments I play: Piano and ย Xylophone (but that was high school band so who knows how good I would be at it now.) I also own a violin and can’t wait to get started with it. I’m going to take lesson because right now the only sounds I’m making with it is hideous screeching. Probably makes my husband regret buying it for me. ๐Ÿ™‚
Job Title: Housewife, Blogger, Crafter and Mommy to my puppy Aladdin.
Kids: Don’t have any yet, but someday!
Austin Tx
Milkshakes: Chocolate is my favorite, but anything from fuddruckers, they have the BEST shakes!
hmm not sure I have any that I was called on a regular basis. Occasionally I heard Nat or Nally
Layers, I love fall/winter fashion because I love coats, scarves, sweaters and boots.
Pet Peeves:
Randomly enough, I don’t like when the shower curtain is left open.
Quote From A Movie: “Whoever said orange was the new pink was seriously disturbed.” Yes, I just quoted Legally Blonde but it’s the greatest. ๐Ÿ™‚
Right or Left Handed:
Siblings: I’m one of five.
Top Five Chick Flicks: Oooh this is a tough one, but probably, The Notebook, He’s Just Not That Into You, Bride Wars, Legally Blonde and Father of the Bride 1&2. I know it’s cheating that I put 1 and 2 but they have to stay together.
Underwear: Um, thats personal, but matching sets are the cutest!
Vegetables I Hate:
I pretty much love them all, as a child I hated spinach but now I totally dig it!
What Makes Me Run Late:
Well it’ll either be not knowing what to wear or my husband. Yep he is sometimes slower than me at getting ready. ๐Ÿ™‚
X-Rays I’ve Had:
All the normal dental ones and a shoulder one, because when I was little I tore my ligament.
Yummy Desert I Make:
I’m not much of a cook or baker so I guess I would have to say Cake Pops. I love them and I think I make a decent batch!
Zoo Animal:
Bears! They are SO cute!

I hope that lets you know a little bit more about me.

Enjoy your day!

Make Something Monday

23 Jan

I’m sure like all of you, I go through phases. For example, right before my husband and I got married I was on a jewelry kick, then after we got married I went on a wreath kick. Right now, I’m torn between sewing and scrapbooking, but I thought I’d take a break from those and share my wreath collection with you.

This is the first wreath I had ever made.

Can you find the bees? I’ll give you a hint, there’s only three.



It’s my spooky Halloween wreath. ๐Ÿ™‚

Isn’t the rake so cute!

I love this puzzle wreath and seriously it’s such an easy wreath. You just need some time.

I got a little carried away with glittery stuff! Christmas just brings that on.

Okay, so I don’t have a tutorial for these because I made them within the last year and half, but if your interested in making the puzzle one for whatever holiday you want, then your in luck because it’s so easy I can explain it without pictures.

Here it goes:


Two Children’s Puzzles ย (I got mine at Wal-mart, I think they were 100 pieces each)
Paint (whatever colors you want)
Sponge Brush
Hot Glue Gun
Glue Sticks

Step One

Cut out a cardboard ring. I think I used a styrofoam wreath to trace around.

Step Two

Paint back sides of all the puzzle pieces. Let them dry. This is the longest part if you can tell.

Step Three

Hot glue them down. Try your best to pick off all the spider webs that come from the glue gun. That’s the most annoying part of it.

Step Four

Hang it somewhere proudly and let everyone admire it!

Is that easy or what! It just takes time to paint them all and then glue them down.

Good Luck!