Make Something Monday

12 Dec

I’m back from San Antonio and let me tell you, seeing my nephew for the first time was heavenly. He’s the cutest little thing. It was so hard to leave, but my whole family will be getting together in just one week and we’ll be together for I think around two weeks so I don’t have to wait to long to see him again. 🙂

Okay so I know I just shared pics of the blanket I made for my aunt, it was a very simple blanket but that stretchy material made it a nightmare, well I just couldn’t seem to let that fabric beat me so I took myself down to Joanns and got some of that dreaded minky that stretches just as badly and gave it another try. I know, what is wrong with me? I think I’m a sucker for punishment. ha ha

Well if you want a cuddly lap blanket like mine here’s what you need:

2 yards minky
2 yards of some other pretty fabric
Pins (lots of pins)

So I can’t say I figured out the perfect way to work with stretchy fabrics but I’ve done a little reading and I’ve done probably 4 blankets so far with this evil stuff and this last blanket had no stretching or puckering of fabric and I attribute that to PIN, PIN, PIN and PIN! I really hate pinning but seriously if you put pins down like every inch you won’t feel the stretching hardly at all. I had like one moment where I could feel it stretching but that was just because I got a little lazy and the pins started having larger gaps, maybe two inches so just keep it every inch! You will be so happy if you follow this! It’s a miracle!

Step one:

Wash and dry fabric

Step Two:

Lay fabric wrong sides together and pin the heck out of them, leaving a gap the width of maybe both your hands just for insiding out after you sew.

Remeber keep pins close together to prevent stretching.

Step Three:

Sew around your blanket. Remember to leave the gap so you can inside it out.

Becareful sewing with all the pins so you don’t run over one and break your needle, however to help prevent stretching I did let my pins go all the way to my foot and even a tiny bit under, just be very careful.

Step Four:

Inside out your blanket and make sure corners are nice and pointed and sew all the way around it again.

Sorry, pic is blurrier than I thought it was, just a shot of the sewed edges after I in-sided it out.

Your done! You got yourself a fabulous little snuggly lap blanket! Good luck with the stretchy material, let me know how it goes if you try it!

Final product, I’m so in love with this material! It’s gorgeous!


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