If I Was Home

29 Nov

Normally, if I was home, right after Thanksgiving dinner with my family I would go home turn on a little Christmas music, take out some sweets and set up my christmas tree! I love this time of year and I love to set up my tree and all my decorations.Usually a few days after setting up mine, my brother and I will set up my parents tree to, seriously ya’ll I live for this stuff! Holidays, decor and parties!

So of course I’m having some holiday withdraws because I’m living out of a hotel right now, no christmas tree, no decor, no family. 😦 This of course caused me to go on a crazy relive past Christmases photo hunt. Just thought I’d share some of them with you.

Our first Christmas tree! Isn’t it pretty!

At the San Antonio Riverwalk

Another Riverwalk picture.

My younger sister and brother building a “perfect” gingerbread christmas tree!

The christmas present cake my best friend Callie and I made. Well she did most the work, but I did help! 🙂

My Parents Tree.

Let me tell you something about this tree. It is 31 years old and ready to give up. The stand is broken so we prop books under it to keep it steady. Also probably 12 maybe 15 years ago, the star fell off and shattered. If was so close to christmas that we didn’t have time to replace it so my brother and I put together a paper star and put all of our names and ages on the back. After this, my mom never replaced the star and I’m so glad. Every year I pull that yellow paper star out with its glitter crayon coloring and just love it more and more. This tree is old and every ornament is chipped, broken or wrinkled, the branches are losing greenery, most of them don’t have tags anymore so you can’t tell what level to put the branches on but every thing about this tree is beautiful to me. I LOVE putting it up, I love the memories I share with my brother while we assemble the old thing together, I love christmas eve when we turn just the christmas lights on and sit in the living room as a family and read the christmas story, then my sweet mother proceeds to play this little music box while we think about the goals we want to make for the new year. This usually lasts so long that you’ll start to hear people giggling and whispering and as strange as that sounds, those are some of the best moments, listening to my family around me, just loving and enjoying each others company. I love this time of year and look so forward to my husband and I going home and sharing these precious moments with each other.

Well I hope I didn’t bore you with all the reminiscing, but I just love remembering all the little things that make the holidays so wonderful. My husband, family, friends and the little traditions.

Have you put your tree up yet? Do you have a fake one or do you go pick out a real one every year? What kinds of traditions do you have?


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