22 Nov

I have a confession, actually several confessions:

Five Things That Make Me Happy:

1. My Husband.
2. Aladdin curled up on my lap.
3. That I’m going home for Christmas and everyone will be there this year.
4. In 4 weeks I get to hold and meet my nephew.
5. Thinking about the road trip home with just my husband and my puppy.

Five Things That Terrify Me:

I’m covered in goosebumps just looking at this. Gives me the eebie jeebies! Yuck!

1. Crickets
2.  Just the thought of skydiving (I applaud all of you who did it, I never will)
3.  Horror Movies
4.  Having a baby, but I still want kids, we’ll see how this works out.
5.  Water (This is a tricky one, because I love swimming pools and the ocean. I just don’t like water if I can’t touch bottom or see the bottom. So I can’t go very far into the ocean I know weird.)

Five Things That Make Me A Nerd:

1. I love video games, especially nintendo. (Mario, Zelda, Donkey Kong, Mario Kart)
2. Disney (I bet you can guess my favorite, I’ll give you a hint, I named my puppy after it.)
3. I played with barbies until a disturbingly old age and I look forward to playing with them again someday with my daughters. 🙂
4. I make up ridiculous songs all the time, for my puppy, to wake my husband up and just for the heck of it.
5. As soon as December 1st hits, I pull out all my christmas movies and watch them as I scrapbook or craft. (Elf, Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer, Frosty the Snowman, The Holiday, Santa Claus is Coming to Town, and anything else I own thats Christmasy! I love the old Christmas Cartoons, especially Rudolph with Kirby the dentist and the land of misfit toys. Love that one!)

Five Things That Make Me Smile Right Now:

1. The fact that Rachel Mcadams has a new movie coming out in February! (She’s my favorite actress, and the movie looks so sweet.)
2. Pirouette Rolled Wafers, Chocolate Hazelnut (Yum!)
3. The new show “Once Upon A Time”
4.  Knowing in 4 weeks I get to use my sewing machine again.
5. Writing my christmas list and deciding what to get my secret santa. (Every year each member in my family draws a name for christmas and I LOVE drawing my name, trying to figure out who everyone has and picking the perfect gift for my them.)

Five Things That Make Me Sad:

1. Not seeing my husband nearly as often as I used to. (This LONG business trip has kept him very busy.)
2. My Grandma passing.
3. Being far away from my family.
4. Seeing the stray puppy outside of our hotel. (He was hungry, wet and alone. Poor little thing.)
5. The Nicholas Sparks Book, Dear John.

Five Secrets Of Mine:

1.I’ve probably seen Legally Blonde like 50 or 60 times!
2. I hate folding and hanging laundry so much that I’ll wash a load, dry it and then just keep adding loads to the dryer until its too full to add more. Then I’m forced to take the massive load out and finally fold and hang it.
3. I love planning parties so much that I’ve done 4 baby showers, 1 bridal shower, 1 bachelorette party, 1 wedding reception and I have a folder on my computer packed full of ideas just in case I get asked to plan a party!
4. Instead of replacing the battery in my car clicker, I just push the button harder and harder.
5. I love the shopaholic books so much because sometimes they remind me of myself. : )

I hope that tells you a little bit more about me!


2 Responses to “Confessions…”

  1. britika November 24, 2011 at 2:29 pm #

    Okay I love this post it was so much fun to read! Don’t worry we are all nerds at heart, so cute, loved the post!

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