Because Every Baby Needs A Burp Cloth

16 Nov

So I said there wouldn’t be any sewing tutorials because my sewing machine is hundreds of miles away, but I found a picture of this burp cloth I made a while back and absolutely love, so I thought I would share it anyway!

I’m a very beginner seamstress, so never fear, this tutorial is so easy and if I can do it, anyone can. These are great for newbies because if you make a mistake its usually hidden somewhere in the raggedyness! Awesome coverup! So enough said, here it is:

As you can see, the edges are frayed and the more you wash and dry it, the better it will look. Mine has only been washed like twice, so as time goes on it will look better and better. Isn’t that nice? I mean how often do you have laundry that needs to be washed to look better!

So here’s the blog I found this tutorial on and really I can’t say it enough, it’s so easy! Have fun and make a zillion of them, because every baby needs a burp cloth, or twenty. 🙂

Also, bonus, its hard to tell by the picture but these burp cloths are nice and big and have that peanut shape for lots of coverage so that your clothes don’t get soaked in spit up! Yuck!

Oh, I know it’s mentioned in the tutorial that if you don’t pre-wash they will shrink, but I just want to remind, because I forgot to with my first one and it shocked me when I pulled it out and it was so much smaller. It wasn’t a bad size just a shock after seeing how big it was. So think about that before you get started.

Well have fun!


One Response to “Because Every Baby Needs A Burp Cloth”

  1. Britika November 17, 2011 at 7:42 am #

    very cute, this tutorial is very nice, becasue things like burp cloths are so necessary! Love it, very cute and very helpful

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