Make Something Monday

14 Nov

Alright, Make Something Monday, kicks off our baby week! Yay! I’m excited if you can tell!

So I tried to keep things fairly simple so that anyone could make this. I kept thinking to myself, what’s the first thing a new parent wants after having a baby  (besides rest that is) and I decided, to show him or her off! After carrying your little babe for 9 months and wondering over and over what he/she will look like then going through labor and delivery, a little bit of showing off is well deserved. So I’ve decided to start off with a birth announcement.

Oh by the way, there is nothing wrong with the block, the baby’s face has been blurred out for privacy.

So you can’t see it, but the back side of the block has all the baby’s stats, name, birthday, weight, length etc. It really is a fun way way to announce your little one. The side I have blurred is a picture of my sweet little nephew and then the other two sides have quotes, but you can put whatever you want on those two sides.

So you interested in making one?

Well here’s what you need:

1 Wooden Block
Coordinating Paper
1 Picture
Black Marker
Mod Podge (whatever kind you prefer, matte or glossy)
Paint Brush


Ignore the fact that my Mod Podge says sparkle, I bought the wrong one and had to change it out. So make sure you don’t buy sparkle unless you want some glitter.

Step One:

Trace block onto paper and cut out 5 little squares of paper and 1 picture.

Step Two:

Get your Mod Podge ready, paint one side of the block and cover with one of your squares of paper.

Step Three:

Continue on all 6 sides. Remember one side is for the picture. Once you’ve glued all the papers and picture down, write down the baby’s info and then anything you want for the other two sides. Once you’ve finished that, take a nail filer and file down all the edges and round your corners. This gives the block a lovely vintage, finished look. Once you feel good about that, cover the block in Mod Podge again. This will seal all your work in place and make the block look very lovely.

Step Four:

Mail, display or give your block away (how did you like that rhyme?) It’s done and ready to be marveled at and shared with the world!

Also, just fyi, not to take away from baby week, but you can make these blocks for anything. I actually made five of these but used each block to spell out a letter in our last name. So they can be used for weddings, babies, last names or graduation. Really anything else you can think of.

These blocks really turn out pretty, the pictures don’t even do it justice.

Good Luck!


4 Responses to “Make Something Monday”

  1. TBear November 14, 2011 at 9:17 pm #

    Where are some good places to get the wooden block, craft stores, hardware stores? Thanks you blog is super awsome!

    • nallyh November 14, 2011 at 11:07 pm #

      Thanx, I just get mine at either Michaels or Hobby Lobby, but I’m betting any other craft stores would have them to. There’s all different sizes also, the one I used in this post and for mine at home are (I think) about 1 in. maybe 1.5 in. Although a nice big one (I think like 3 in. maybe) would probably look really cute sitting on a wall shelf in the nursery!

  2. Britika November 14, 2011 at 11:39 pm #

    love these! I just went out and bought some blocks…now I just have to decide on what to put on all four sides of the block. Thanks for the cute craft idea

    • nallyh November 15, 2011 at 12:14 am #

      Yay! Have fun making them!

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