Thankful Thursday

10 Nov

I woke up the this morning with a killer sore throat and kind of not being thankful for much. I finally rolled myself out of bed and started to get ready just so I could go out and get myself some cough drops.

I have to start with I’m thankful for a hot shower. Just taking a minute to warm up while its cold and rainy outside is amazing. I love myself a hot hot shower.

Then I had the most amazing moment that really just made me stop and think about how thankful I am for the nature around me. I was sitting at a red light, just kind of wallowing in my rainy, sore throat day. I was staring at the music on my  iphone and I looked up to check if the light was still red (it was) but then a gust of wind blew through causing hundreds of yellow, red and orange leaves to drop from the tree and go swirling in a mini tornado in front of me. Leaves continued to keep dropping, it was like it had started raining colors of the rainbow. I was so happy to just sit there and watch these colors swirl and drop from the sky. It was truly beautiful, I have never seen anything like it in my life! I love the trees and fall in North Carolina!

and last but not least, I’m so thankful I got to take my puppy to the park with my husband a couple weeks back. I was just looking at the pictures and there is nothing more wonderful than seeing the little guy discover things he’s never seen before such as ducks. I can’t even imagine the wonders of watching a baby learn and discover all these new and amazing things.

He was so curious about the ducks.

This really has nothing do with anything but I had to throw these pictures in. Look at Aladdin’s huge trap. Makes me smile everytime.

How cute are these shots! 🙂

So what are you thankful for?


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