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Happy Birthday Husband

30 Nov

Yes, it’s my man’s birthday and so yes I’m going to brag a little. Warning, it may get sappy. Just a fair warning!

This man, right here is the greatest thing that has ever happened to me!

Did I mention to you that we have no children so I don’t really have a reason not to work but he doesn’t mind, in fact he likes when I’m home. We have more time to cuddle. 🙂 Okay so thats probably stretching the truth a bit, but we do in fact get to spend all our time together because he works at home.

So I probably should be working, but instead I’m sewing, crafting, hanging out with him, visiting my family, spending time with friends, shopping and *working out. Thank you hunny for letting me relax!

* going up and down the stairs to take the dog out. 🙂

Just another thing I want to share about this wonderful dude: Before we got married, I worked the same job for 4 years, 3 pm to midnight-or one or two in the morning. Crazy shift and not long after I got there, we went mandatory Saturdays, so its safe to say that I pretty much lived there. The only thing I didn’t have there was a mattress to sleep on.

My sweet boyfriend, at the time, would drive up to see me I would say almost every single night that I worked there in the 4 years just to bring me lunch, it was probably a 30 min drive down, 30 min lunch and 30 min home. He would either stop by my parents house and pick up a home cooked meal or take me out to lunch. Then on most nights (he would probably kill me for writing this but oh well) he would take my shoes off while I finished up my lunch sitting on the bed of his truck and he would massage my feet. That is true love. The job I had, required me to stand on my feet all day on concrete. My feet hurt so very bad and they didn’t smell like roses so yes he is my hero. I love this man and I’m thankful everyday that I wake up and he’s sleeping right beside me. I could think of no better person to spend the rest of my life with. Someday he will make a phenomenal father, but right now he is my phenomenal husband!

Happy Birthday my love, I hope it’s wonderful for you! I look forward to a zillion more birthdays and anniversaries together!

(I did give you a fair warning about the sappiness, I hope I didn’t scare anyone away.) 🙂


If I Was Home

29 Nov

Normally, if I was home, right after Thanksgiving dinner with my family I would go home turn on a little Christmas music, take out some sweets and set up my christmas tree! I love this time of year and I love to set up my tree and all my decorations.Usually a few days after setting up mine, my brother and I will set up my parents tree to, seriously ya’ll I live for this stuff! Holidays, decor and parties!

So of course I’m having some holiday withdraws because I’m living out of a hotel right now, no christmas tree, no decor, no family. 😦 This of course caused me to go on a crazy relive past Christmases photo hunt. Just thought I’d share some of them with you.

Our first Christmas tree! Isn’t it pretty!

At the San Antonio Riverwalk

Another Riverwalk picture.

My younger sister and brother building a “perfect” gingerbread christmas tree!

The christmas present cake my best friend Callie and I made. Well she did most the work, but I did help! 🙂

My Parents Tree.

Let me tell you something about this tree. It is 31 years old and ready to give up. The stand is broken so we prop books under it to keep it steady. Also probably 12 maybe 15 years ago, the star fell off and shattered. If was so close to christmas that we didn’t have time to replace it so my brother and I put together a paper star and put all of our names and ages on the back. After this, my mom never replaced the star and I’m so glad. Every year I pull that yellow paper star out with its glitter crayon coloring and just love it more and more. This tree is old and every ornament is chipped, broken or wrinkled, the branches are losing greenery, most of them don’t have tags anymore so you can’t tell what level to put the branches on but every thing about this tree is beautiful to me. I LOVE putting it up, I love the memories I share with my brother while we assemble the old thing together, I love christmas eve when we turn just the christmas lights on and sit in the living room as a family and read the christmas story, then my sweet mother proceeds to play this little music box while we think about the goals we want to make for the new year. This usually lasts so long that you’ll start to hear people giggling and whispering and as strange as that sounds, those are some of the best moments, listening to my family around me, just loving and enjoying each others company. I love this time of year and look so forward to my husband and I going home and sharing these precious moments with each other.

Well I hope I didn’t bore you with all the reminiscing, but I just love remembering all the little things that make the holidays so wonderful. My husband, family, friends and the little traditions.

Have you put your tree up yet? Do you have a fake one or do you go pick out a real one every year? What kinds of traditions do you have?

Make Something Monday

28 Nov

I’m back and with a tutorial!

I was inspired by one of the pins I had on here last week, I decided to give the frosted glass a try only with ornaments. I’m not completely sure how I feel about the who thing, It looks okay. However I have a tip for you to make it much lovelier! My biggest problem was I had no where to let it dry because I’m in a hotel so thats why I had coating problems. One side is a little thicker than the other. Also I definitely sprayed it too close, so if you want to give it a try, stay farther away. 🙂

Anyway, here it is!

So if you can tell the spray paint is too thick. So fyi just keep the can farther away.

If your interested in giving this a try and doing better than me, here is what you need:

Glass Ornament
Rubber Bands
Frosted Spray Paint


Step One

Cover in rubber bands

Step Two

Cover in spray paint and put silver top back on. Ta Da! Your done!

I hope it works better for you. However, I’m not giving up, I’m going to give it another try! I think the idea of it is just lovely!

Well good luck and keep me posted if you have more luck than me!


Fashion Friday

25 Nov

I know I’ve mentioned it before, but I love to browse online shopping websites such as Modcloth and Ruche, but I discovered something cool that I don’t know how I missed before.

If you go to Modcloth and follow the link Be The Buyer, you get to browse clothing that they’re not selling yet and you can vote on them to put on their website. It’s so exciting, it’s like getting a behind the scenes look at the planning and the clothing that might be coming soon! You’ve got to give it a try, it’s so much fun! Here’s just a sneak peek of some of the clothing they might put on their website if they get enough votes.

Isn’t this lovely? Maybe pair it with some black strappy heels and a faux fur coat. I love that chevron print! So fun!

I love the bold red with all the little red detailing. Gorgeous!

So did any of you guys go shopping on black friday? I did, it was crazy! I usually don’t want to deal with the madness, but my husband had to work and Joann Fabrics was having some awesome fabric deals, so I braved the crowds and got some great stuff! Let me tell  you I would do it again. I’m loving what I got and for such a great price. All kinds of cute little flannels for 1.50 a yard. I’m happy!

I’m glad I fought the crowds! Are you?

Happy Thanksgiving!

24 Nov

Hey guys,

It’s me, Aladdin, I hijacked the computer from my mom and just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving.

I have three goals to accomplish today:

1. Try to go outside more than 4 times today.

2. Find Maelstrom… (my stuffed hand puppet) and destroy him.

3. Get turkey… no matter what.

Maybe I’ll get turkey if I give them a cute face.

Anyway, Adios guys, I think I have a lead on the whereabouts of Maelstrom.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Coming Or Going

23 Nov

This past weekend my husband took me to the Charlotte airport overlook. It was really awesome, there’s not too many overlooks that I know of that look right over the runway. It was really cold out and I pulled an enormous blanket from the trunk of our car and snuggled in it while we watched planes come and go for a bit.

There’s something about airplanes that make me a bit nostalgic or maybe a little sad as I watch them go. I know they also represent happiness, bringing love one’s closer, but for some reason it’s a little saddening watching them take off and dissapear into the blue sky.

It got me to thinking about how very soon, my youngest brother will be leaving to serve a mission for our church for two years. No more late nights with the three of us (him, husband and I) watching movies, playing video games and eating queso at kerbey lane until all hours of the night. No more telling and embellishing on the ridiculous stories we make up, it will be very sad but  he will being doing something so much more important, something so great I don’t have the words to explain how my heart feels. He is a great kid and I will miss him greatly but my heart is full of joy for the decision he’s made and the hard work he will put forth and is putting forth to prepare. I’m so proud of you my brother. Go and serve the Lord and we will be waiting for you when you return. I love you.

So on another note, Thanksgiving is upon us. That’s usually a time for flying home to family or friends and sharing this wonderful time with others. My husband and I are still in NC on business so this Thanksgiving will be my first ever away from all my family and friends, it will definitely be different but we will be together, so for that I’m thankful.

So how will you spend this thanksgiving? Are you traveling to be with loved ones? Are they coming to you? What kinds of traditions do you have?

Either way, enjoy it!




22 Nov

I have a confession, actually several confessions:

Five Things That Make Me Happy:

1. My Husband.
2. Aladdin curled up on my lap.
3. That I’m going home for Christmas and everyone will be there this year.
4. In 4 weeks I get to hold and meet my nephew.
5. Thinking about the road trip home with just my husband and my puppy.

Five Things That Terrify Me:

I’m covered in goosebumps just looking at this. Gives me the eebie jeebies! Yuck!

1. Crickets
2.  Just the thought of skydiving (I applaud all of you who did it, I never will)
3.  Horror Movies
4.  Having a baby, but I still want kids, we’ll see how this works out.
5.  Water (This is a tricky one, because I love swimming pools and the ocean. I just don’t like water if I can’t touch bottom or see the bottom. So I can’t go very far into the ocean I know weird.)

Five Things That Make Me A Nerd:

1. I love video games, especially nintendo. (Mario, Zelda, Donkey Kong, Mario Kart)
2. Disney (I bet you can guess my favorite, I’ll give you a hint, I named my puppy after it.)
3. I played with barbies until a disturbingly old age and I look forward to playing with them again someday with my daughters. 🙂
4. I make up ridiculous songs all the time, for my puppy, to wake my husband up and just for the heck of it.
5. As soon as December 1st hits, I pull out all my christmas movies and watch them as I scrapbook or craft. (Elf, Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer, Frosty the Snowman, The Holiday, Santa Claus is Coming to Town, and anything else I own thats Christmasy! I love the old Christmas Cartoons, especially Rudolph with Kirby the dentist and the land of misfit toys. Love that one!)

Five Things That Make Me Smile Right Now:

1. The fact that Rachel Mcadams has a new movie coming out in February! (She’s my favorite actress, and the movie looks so sweet.)
2. Pirouette Rolled Wafers, Chocolate Hazelnut (Yum!)
3. The new show “Once Upon A Time”
4.  Knowing in 4 weeks I get to use my sewing machine again.
5. Writing my christmas list and deciding what to get my secret santa. (Every year each member in my family draws a name for christmas and I LOVE drawing my name, trying to figure out who everyone has and picking the perfect gift for my them.)

Five Things That Make Me Sad:

1. Not seeing my husband nearly as often as I used to. (This LONG business trip has kept him very busy.)
2. My Grandma passing.
3. Being far away from my family.
4. Seeing the stray puppy outside of our hotel. (He was hungry, wet and alone. Poor little thing.)
5. The Nicholas Sparks Book, Dear John.

Five Secrets Of Mine:

1.I’ve probably seen Legally Blonde like 50 or 60 times!
2. I hate folding and hanging laundry so much that I’ll wash a load, dry it and then just keep adding loads to the dryer until its too full to add more. Then I’m forced to take the massive load out and finally fold and hang it.
3. I love planning parties so much that I’ve done 4 baby showers, 1 bridal shower, 1 bachelorette party, 1 wedding reception and I have a folder on my computer packed full of ideas just in case I get asked to plan a party!
4. Instead of replacing the battery in my car clicker, I just push the button harder and harder.
5. I love the shopaholic books so much because sometimes they remind me of myself. : )

I hope that tells you a little bit more about me!