Thankful Thursday

27 Oct

Hey Guys!

So its thursday again! Last night my husband and I went into downtown charlotte and discovered this great little 24 hour french bakery! It was awesome because he can work late and I can eat delicious pastries and marvel at all the fun french decor in the room! Right outside of the bakery they have all these great little shops and they painted the entire floor with all these random little pictures! They looked awesome, so first things first:

I’m thankful for the awesome painted floors in the all night french bakery!

Isn’t that awesome, sorry its so dirty, it’s outside so its to be expected. The entire outside shopping center has floors like this. Kind of looks like a nutcracker or something. Love it!

I’m also thankful for LIPSTICK!

If you can tell I love Revlon! ha ha I’ve got several different brands but these are my favorite, no joke. Bare Minerals is a close tie for me, but nothing quite beats some of these shades!

and lastly I’m thankful for Christmas Charmpacks!


I’m loving that Ready Set Snow! So cute! Don’t even know what I’d do with these if I had them, but the possibilities are endless!

Aren’t they lovely?  I think I’m just in the christmas mode already. I know, halloween isn’t even quite here yet, but cold weather does that to me! : )

So what are you thankful for?


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