25 Oct

Hi I’m Natalie and I love Disney.

Yes, this is me letting you see just a little bit more of how childish I am. So between Barbies and Disney, I’m pretty sure I never grew up. 🙂 No, but on a much more exciting note, Disney released an app called Water? It is so much fun if you like puzzle games. I’ve already spent so much time on it, that I’ve beat all the puzzles and I’m waiting for more. (Should I have just admitted that?) Seriously though, if you like this kind of stuff, than this is for you.


Here’s some screen shots from the game. The object is to fill the little alligators bath with water. There’s all sorts of traps and different kinds of chemicals that could hurt him, so you have to be savvy.

Also, another random side note, Yahoo had this on their front page today and I just had to browse through them. Some graphic design student in the UK wanted to take the disney princesses out of the fairy tale and see what they would look like if they were a real average woman like you or I, keeping all their unique features of course. They really turned out quite stunning. So here’s the only two I was able to post for some reason, but if your totally intrigued now, then here’s the link for the rest of the lovely ladies.

Jasmine is my absolute favorite and I guess now we know if she were just an everyday woman she would still be stunning!

Doesn’t Mulan look like a little girl, but still so pretty!

He did a great job, I wish I could of posted a few more of my favorites! Belle looks lovely, although a little stuck up or maybe shy I might add. I’m also loving the way Esmerelda and Megara turned out. Megara looks just as sly as she does in the movie. He did a great job!

It’s pretty awesome how nice these turned out, well enough about Disney, have a great day!


4 Responses to “Disney”

  1. britika October 26, 2011 at 8:48 pm #

    Oh i saw these paintings on yahoo too and I just thought they were gorgeous! What beautiful gals, turned out great! Who doesn’t love disney?

    • nallyh October 27, 2011 at 1:35 am #

      Oh I know, I just love it!

  2. Damon October 30, 2011 at 12:56 pm #

    cool work. looks great

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