Copy Cat

6 Oct

I saw a bloggers post several days back and she had these awesome chunky chain earrings on and I was really curious where she had bought them, but then I was walking through Michaels today and their jewelry section had what looked like identical chains for sale, so I couldn’t resist and snatched them up. I thought I would attempt to make them myself and share the steps with you in case you want them to!

All you need is:

Any chain you like
Earring hooks
Straight or Looped pins.
Jewelry Pliers
Jewelry Cutter

(If you’ve been making jewelry for a long time, forgive my lack of professional names and steps.)

Here’s the chain, earring hooks and pins I used.

Step One:

Cut chain to desired length (also don’t buy these little pliers and cutters that I’m using, they’re terrible. My good ones are at home in Texas)

Step Two:

Snip off circle end

Stick pin through chain

Step Three:

Using pliers, twist pin into a figure eight

Step Four:

Open bottom of earring hook and attach to top of figure eight. Close hook and Ta Da! You got yourself a new pair of rockin earrings!

Step Five:

Put them on and dazzle the world!

P.S. They probably look heavy, but awesomely enough, they are very light weight.


One Response to “Copy Cat”

  1. Britika October 6, 2011 at 4:32 am #

    these earings turned out great! I absolutly want to make some for myself now. I really like the dark look of the earings with your red lipstick…totally cute, chic earings, I want some!

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