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Make Something Monday and….Happy Halloween

31 Oct

Happy Halloween Ya’ll! I hope your doing something fun and spooky tonight!

My husbands going to be working late so I’ll pretty much be staying in, so do something fun for me!

Alright, down to business, I don’t have a tutorial for you guys today because I decided to make a scrapbook page and there’s not really tutorials for how to make a layout. You just gather some cute pictures, and embellishments, don’t forget your fun printed or solid papers,  glue them all down and your done!

So, a little background on my page. I have a little bitty nephew coming anytime now. Probably within the week, sadly, I can’t be there. (I’m sorry I’m missing your entrance into this world little boy, just know that your auntie LOVES you!) So in order to celebrate his grand moment, I made him his very own scrapbook page.

So it’s a very easy layout. I don’t have my cricut machine with me or any punches so I had to keep it very simple. I don’t normally buy a lot of kits, but I did get one of the little 8X8 for this one and then I bought 2 or 3 12X12 pages. I cut of up some of the 8X8 pages to make little embellishments. The bottom paper that says sweet baby boy is just a piece from the 8X8, so you really can just play with things.

The page obviously isn’t entirely done, when the little one makes his way into the world, his mommy and daddy will have to take lots of pictures and place those wherever they want on the page. It can either be one big picture or maybe two placed side by side. They’ll just have to play with the layout and see what they like!

Well, stay tuned, I’ve got enough goodies for one more baby layout!

Once again, Happy Halloween and go get yourself lots of candy!


Fashion Friday

28 Oct

So just recently an H&M opened in Dallas, Tx. I’m so jealous! I guess I should be partying that they’ve at least made it to The Lone Star State, but a 3 hour drive to buy clothing, I don’t think so. I’m just crossing my fingers that Austin will be next, but I’m already hearing rumor that Houston will probably be next and that is, wait for it, also 3 hours from me. (insert sad face here)

I know, I sound like a child, but seriously, Dallas and Houston, it’s like they skipped Austin altogether. I think my whining is justified when you see some of the awesomeness they have in their store right now.

Look at that hot pink pleated lovliness! Also bonus, it’s like not even quite $15.

and check out this lace! I’m loving lace lately. (whew try saying that 5 times really fast)

Aren’t they classy?

Now this I’m totally digging! Love the faux fur accent!

So if you had an H&M near you, what would you buy? If you do live near an H&M all I have to say is lucky you, go buy some of this loveliness and enjoy it for me!

Thankful Thursday

27 Oct

Hey Guys!

So its thursday again! Last night my husband and I went into downtown charlotte and discovered this great little 24 hour french bakery! It was awesome because he can work late and I can eat delicious pastries and marvel at all the fun french decor in the room! Right outside of the bakery they have all these great little shops and they painted the entire floor with all these random little pictures! They looked awesome, so first things first:

I’m thankful for the awesome painted floors in the all night french bakery!

Isn’t that awesome, sorry its so dirty, it’s outside so its to be expected. The entire outside shopping center has floors like this. Kind of looks like a nutcracker or something. Love it!

I’m also thankful for LIPSTICK!

If you can tell I love Revlon! ha ha I’ve got several different brands but these are my favorite, no joke. Bare Minerals is a close tie for me, but nothing quite beats some of these shades!

and lastly I’m thankful for Christmas Charmpacks!


I’m loving that Ready Set Snow! So cute! Don’t even know what I’d do with these if I had them, but the possibilities are endless!

Aren’t they lovely?  I think I’m just in the christmas mode already. I know, halloween isn’t even quite here yet, but cold weather does that to me! : )

So what are you thankful for?

Follow Me

26 Oct

Today is the day, I’m finally revealing my PINTEREST boards! They’re not quite done, but I will continue to update them, because… well… I love pinterest!


So follow me here and take a looksie at the sewing projects and crafts I want to make and the fun little goodies that I love!

It’s so much fun, if you don’t use pinterest, you probably will after this! 🙂

Happy Pinning!



25 Oct

Hi I’m Natalie and I love Disney.

Yes, this is me letting you see just a little bit more of how childish I am. So between Barbies and Disney, I’m pretty sure I never grew up. 🙂 No, but on a much more exciting note, Disney released an app called Water? It is so much fun if you like puzzle games. I’ve already spent so much time on it, that I’ve beat all the puzzles and I’m waiting for more. (Should I have just admitted that?) Seriously though, if you like this kind of stuff, than this is for you.


Here’s some screen shots from the game. The object is to fill the little alligators bath with water. There’s all sorts of traps and different kinds of chemicals that could hurt him, so you have to be savvy.

Also, another random side note, Yahoo had this on their front page today and I just had to browse through them. Some graphic design student in the UK wanted to take the disney princesses out of the fairy tale and see what they would look like if they were a real average woman like you or I, keeping all their unique features of course. They really turned out quite stunning. So here’s the only two I was able to post for some reason, but if your totally intrigued now, then here’s the link for the rest of the lovely ladies.

Jasmine is my absolute favorite and I guess now we know if she were just an everyday woman she would still be stunning!

Doesn’t Mulan look like a little girl, but still so pretty!

He did a great job, I wish I could of posted a few more of my favorites! Belle looks lovely, although a little stuck up or maybe shy I might add. I’m also loving the way Esmerelda and Megara turned out. Megara looks just as sly as she does in the movie. He did a great job!

It’s pretty awesome how nice these turned out, well enough about Disney, have a great day!

Make Something Monday

24 Oct

So while I was browsing through the oh so addicting pinterest, I came across the cutest hair pick and it looked so easy I thought I might give it a try! She didn’t have any step by step pictures, just a brief explanation probably because its so easy, but if your like me and sometimes need a visual, I thought I’d throw a few step by step pictures in. Here’s my attempt. For my first one, I chose to do one color so I didn’t mess up, but now I’m certain I’ll give several colors a try.


If you like this and want to make one, here’s what you need:

Embroidery Floss

Thats it, it’s so cheap and easy and they turn out so pretty!

Step One:

Tie a knot

Step Two

Pull between first spikes and start to wrap to the right.

Step Three:

You’ll go under pick and over through the next spike.

Step Four:

Continue this pattern all the way down the pick.

Step Five:

When you get to the end, wrap around and go in the opposite direction.

Continue this, until you have the desired coverage. Some spots may appear thinner, go back and wrap that one a couple times. When it looks good, tie it off and clip your excess string.

Step Six:

Model your new comb for everyone to see!

I hope the pictures help and you’ll have to excuse the fuzzy brown back drop, it was the best lighting in the hotel I could find. The first clip you attempt might be a bit messy, mine sure is, just give it some time and a little practice and soon you’ll have so many you won’t know what to do with them. Good luck!

Hope your Monday was Fabulous!

Fashion Friday

21 Oct

So I’m totally searching the market for a clutch and there’s so many I’m digging right now, including a couple with a price tag to large to shell out for. 🙂 They’re still fun to look at though! I’m loving these colors, all the jewel tones and fall colors.


They have several other colors in almost this exact style. So many choices.


I’m loving these polka dots!


Beautiful color and love the metal detailing.


I’m loving this large portfolio clutch! Such a statement piece!


They also have this in black, but I’m digging anything brown right now. Although this kind of looks a little reddish to me. Maybe it’s just me. 🙂

2. Anthropologie
5. DSW

I know thats a lot of ASOS but they have a great selection of handbags right now. Also modcloth has some great bags right now to. I didn’t see a lot of handbags but some gorgeous totes and purses.

So now I have to know, which one do you like? Which one do you think I should get?

Happy Friday Ya’ll!!!