Fashion Friday

23 Sep

I want to start doing fashion fridays because my blog is supposed to be all about doing what you love and my two favorite things in this world besides my husband and puppy are crafts and fashion, so I thought I would kick this off with a couple items I’m loving right now. 

Left to Right:

1. DSW Shoes
2. ModCloth
3. Shabbyapple (I’ve been digging this for a very long time. So classic and lovely)
4. Anthropologie
5. H&M

Also just the other day I stopped in at Kohls to look at J Lo’s new line and fell in love with the faux fur coat she has. I wanted to put it up on here, but hated the picture. Did no justice to it, so fyi her new line is out and she’s got a couple great items. Either way it was fun to go look at. I love anything fashion so of course her line had me excited. I recommend stopping by and having a look, most her line is nudes, whites, all the great transitional pieces that can be worn with anything. I know I’m always looking for pieces like that, so hopefully that helps.

Have a great weekend!


One Response to “Fashion Friday”

  1. britika September 25, 2011 at 6:43 pm #

    Love the shabby apple dress and H&M skirt…so gorgeous!

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