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Pinterest… Oh How I Love Thee

28 Sep

I have no words… well except those.


Make Something Monday

26 Sep

Hi Guys!

Well, surprise surprise, I’m still here in Charlotte NC so that does make the crafting kind of hard to do, but I got a little something for ya anyway. I’ve noticed there has been a lot of jersey knit necklaces all over the web lately so I thought I’d take a stab at it. Because I’m traveling I don’t have any of my old t-shirts with me, but Michaels has started selling the jersey knit pre-cut fabric strips so of course I grabbed at a chance to skip the worst step, cutting. They have several different colors and plenty of length, you’ll probably end up with extra that you can make a dog toy out of. Which is exactly what I did. Aladdin is going nuts over it and all I did was tie a knot in the middle of the leftover strips.

Here’s what you need:

Pre-cut jersey fabric or old t-shirt

Sorry about the pictures, I don’t have my camera with me, just my iphone and bad lighting in the hotel. : )

Okay if you cut your own then your ready to go, if you buy pre-cut then you have to cut one end open because it comes in a loop.

Tie a knot on one end. This will make it much easier to braid.

and start braiding to desired length.

I failed to take a picture of the step before this. All I did was take one strand of the pink and wrap it around the necklace three times and tie off the braided part so it doesn’t unravel. Then I twisted the material a little bit and Ta Da you got yourself a $4 necklace that is awesome. Also, there are so many variations of these necklaces on the internet so you don’t have to do it this way if your not a fan of the braid. I got this design from a pinterest picture, sadly I couldn’t find it again so I wasn’t able to give credit, where credits due, but obviously I loved it!

Also, sorry about the lack of makeup. I was just lazy today.

Wasting Time

24 Sep

I got a new iphone app that I’ve been wasting way to much time with. It still has not surpassed my love of instagram but you guys are going to love it anyways. It’s called pocketbooth and it lets you take film strip pictures like the goofy ones you took in highschool with the girls or the super cute ones of you and your hunny plastered to your fridge. Well now I can take them all the time. Soon I won’t be able to see the fridge anymore! ; )

Happy Saturday Ya’ll!

Fashion Friday

23 Sep

I want to start doing fashion fridays because my blog is supposed to be all about doing what you love and my two favorite things in this world besides my husband and puppy are crafts and fashion, so I thought I would kick this off with a couple items I’m loving right now.¬†

Left to Right:

1. DSW Shoes
2. ModCloth
3. Shabbyapple (I’ve been digging this for a very long time. So classic and lovely)
4. Anthropologie
5. H&M

Also just the other day I stopped in at Kohls to look at J Lo’s new line and fell in love with the faux fur coat she has. I wanted to put it up on here, but hated the picture. Did no justice to it, so fyi her new line is out and she’s got a couple great items. Either way it was fun to go look at. I love anything fashion so of course her line had me excited. I recommend stopping by and having a look, most her line is nudes, whites, all the great transitional pieces that can be worn with anything. I know I’m always looking for pieces like that, so hopefully that helps.

Have a great weekend!

Make Something Monday

20 Sep

I decided to start small today but I made my own safari animals like in this post. I still need to make two other animals but I made the giraffe, elephant and lion. They turned out so cute. All I did was go to Hobby Lobby and buy one of each jungle animal in the wood section. Then I traced around them on cardstock and assembled the animals. Ta Da!

Aren’t they so cute!

I still have to make the zebra and the tiger. These are the original wooden one’s.

I can’t wait, because I love how they’re turning out. I’m definitely ¬†going to get two vases for the baby shower and divide the animals between the two. I decided that I will use peanuts as my filler for the vases. I think it will look really cute with the elephants in it. I’m excited.

All you need to make these is:

Colored cardstock for whatever animals you choose



Wooden dowels

Black Sharpie for the eyes and feet. (optional, you could just use black cardstock.)

Thats it. cute, easy and cheap!

A Nephew on the Way

17 Sep

My brother’s wife is due in the very beginning of November with a little boy! It will be the first baby on my side of the family. I’m so excited I can barely contain myself. I get to be an aunt again! So naturally I will be throwing her a shower in just a couple weeks so I thought I’d share a couple of super cute things that I would love to make.

How gorgeous is this! I would love to put a rattle wreath on the front door for her shower.

How amazing are these? The theme for my sister in laws shower is safari so I’m thinking I will make these and put them in vases on the table. Maybe use peanuts still in the shells as filler for the vases. How cute would that be. If you can tell I’m very excited!

Every girl needs a diaper cake at her shower! I want to put together something like this, that lion is just too adorable!

So I’m still trying to decide what games we’re going to play, any ideas? I’ve got a couple but I’d love some ideas.

Make Something Monday

13 Sep

I was thinking that I want to start Make Something Monday and have some sort of tutorial for you guys every monday! Whether it be scrapbooking, sewing or some sort of fun DIY. To kick it off, since I’m still sitting here in a hotel until October I thought I would start by showing you some awesome crafts other people have made that I’m dying to try. So here’s some goodies I’ve been wanting to make:


This puff quilt from Honeybear Lane is to die for. I’ve been wanting to make this forever, but I’m just not sure my sewing skills are up to it yet. She has lots of other super cute stuff in her shop, including other puff quilts that I could just stare at for hours.

This is the Pin Wheel Skirt from Elle Apparel, she has a wonderful tutorial on her blog that takes you step by step. Another project that one day I will attempt!

This Anthropologie quilt knock off tutorial is at KojoDesigns. It’s absolutely fabulous and looks just like the actual quilt from Anthropologie, with a much better price tag.

I love this banana yellow clutch from Style Scrapbook. She has a great, quick tutorial, probably won’t take longer than fifteen minutes. So fashionable!

These are just a couple of awesome finds I stumbled across on the web. I’m so excited to eventually give them a try, but for now the clutch might be the only thing I could make with my sewing skills. Enjoy your week!